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Follow our guidelines and enjoy
a memorable day of celebration

» Warning

Taking part in activities with cattle may involve risks. Taking part in such activities is voluntary and at participant’s risk.

The direction of "El Montecillo" does not take responsibility for any accident that participants may experience, nor the consequences of these.

Always follow the directions and words of warning of our team in the ring.

» Clothing

We recommend participants to use sports clothing which is light and, preferably, light in colour. Avoid bright colours (such as red) which attracts the calves’ attention.


» Footwear

We recommend participants to use sports footwear, in which they feel comfortable to run in, in order to avoid potential injuries or falls. Avoid heels and other

» Behaviour around animals

It is forbidden to grab, hit, or abuse the animals.

It is expressly forbidden to attempt jumping over the animals.


» Alcohol and other substances

Taking part in activities with cattle while under the influences of alcohol or other substances can have negative consequences. Alcohol reduces visual capacity, reaction time, and other faculties which may lead participants to put themselves in danger.

» Beware of distractions

It is dangerous to gather in groups (to chat, take pictures) when inside the ring if this prevents guests from paying attention to the calf/calves. We advise guests to do this outside the ring.


» Distance

It is always advisable to leave a security distance with the calf and never lose sight of the animal when inside the ring.


» Respect the premises

Maintenance of this type of estate is costly, thereby we ask guests to respect and take good care of our facilities.




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